Final Reflection on EDTS 325

The end is near! My Winter Semester and EDTS 325 (Educational Technology in the Classroom) is drawing to a close. Wow! We learned so much! I acquired many great skills and gained new knowledge. My personal comfort level with technology has expanded, and my technological skills have developed immensely. I've learned how to use SmartNotebook,… Continue reading Final Reflection on EDTS 325


My Digital Footprint

In a reflective week of EDTS 325 (Educational Technology in the Classroom), we discussed Digital Citizenship and our own Digital Footprints, most importantly as educators. I am pleased with my Digital Footprint. If you look up my name, Jordan Vos, there is not a lot that appears, that is because I am a private person… Continue reading My Digital Footprint

It’s Fake?!

A Look at Fake Websites and How To Recognize Them Did you know that the internet is full of fake stuff? Surprising, right? As teachers, this is an important aspect of teaching Digital Citizenship, especially in a world that is so connected and digitized. You would expect that with the world's knowledge accessible at our… Continue reading It’s Fake?!

Loom Screencasting App, an Educational Perspective

Before taking EDTS 325 (Educational Technology in the Classroom), I had no idea what the term screencasting meant. Many people have likely seen a screencast, but also do not know the term. Screencasting is a modern technology, where a video is taken of the computer screen or tab. Many people have seen this in the… Continue reading Loom Screencasting App, an Educational Perspective

Storybird as a Creator App in the Classroom

This week in EDTS 325 (Educational Technology in the Classroom), we discovered different apps meant for "creating" and "consuming". We were to find an app used to create and explore its uses. I chose Storybird. This is a wonderful app with thousands of illustrations that you can add words to, in order to make a… Continue reading Storybird as a Creator App in the Classroom

QR Codes and a Pragmatic Classroom

As mentioned in previous posts, I am very hands-on in my learning and teaching, so implementing QR codes into a classroom is something that could be a very real possibility for me. I watched a video on QR codes in my EDTS 325 (Education Technology) course, and the tagline stood out to me; "QR codes… Continue reading QR Codes and a Pragmatic Classroom

EdTech Adventures

Wow! I have had a heavy week in my EDTS 325 (Tools for Teaching and Learning in the Digital Classroom). We covered many interactive systems that are being used in classrooms and explored their versatility for both students and teachers. The systems we looked at included: Socrative Spiral Quizlet SmartLab Activities Google Forms Kahoot! Pear… Continue reading EdTech Adventures