Final Reflection on EDTS 325

The end is near! My Winter Semester and EDTS 325 (Educational Technology in the Classroom) is drawing to a close.

Wow! We learned so much! I acquired many great skills and gained new knowledge. My personal comfort level with technology has expanded, and my technological skills have developed immensely.

I’ve learned how to use SmartNotebook, create movies, and have encountered numerous interactive systems to use in the classroom.

One of my favorite things that I have learned and come to appreciate is blogging! At first, I was apprehensive, but I found I actually enjoy reflecting on my thoughts and sharing them with you, my readers.

What Does the Future Hold?

If EDTS 325 is any indication, the future of teaching is only going to become more connected. As teachers, it is important that we stay on top of these new opportunities, especially when so many students that struggle now have more opportunities to express their knowledge and learning. There are so many new tools to use in the classroom, and they each have their own benefits and implications.

For example, Padlet is a great discussion starter, and is fantastic for creating interactive worksheets. is a handy tool for reviewing before a test, and Plickers is an easy way for technology to be slowly integrated into a classroom.

The opportunities are endless for each teaching style and learner needs!

Preparedness for the Future of Teaching

After taking this course, I feel more confident preparing for a future teaching role in a digital world. I am ready to tackle challenges related to technology because I have encountered some in this course. Most of the time, these problems can be solved by taking a deep breath, saving your work, and trying again. Patience is a necessary virtue when problem-solving.

Learning about a variety of technologies means I now have the flexibility to learn about other new technologies. Many interactive systems for the classroom have similar features, and it comes down to personal preference when using them.

Even for other careers, this course has been useful to experience more professional technologies and to grow my Personal Learning Network. For example, by creating an account on Twitter, I can connect with professionals in any career stream. Whether it is education, agriculture, or politics, there literally is something for everyone.

As a teacher, I am worried about my students and Digital Citizenship. I feel it is extremely important when using these tools to show students the dangers and prevent any dangerous situations. It is no different than teaching students manners or to be careful of strangers. It simply comes with experience and teacher guidance.

My Learning Curve and “Wow” Moment

I had a huge learning curve when working with SmartNotebook, but it is now my favorite teaching tool!

I love the ease of creating lessons with fun, interactive pieces. It allows so much flexibility that Powerpoint, Google Slides, or Prezi don’t offer. My favorite tool of SmartNotebook is the screen capture. It is fantastic for using images from videos, and finding and capturing clip art to use in lessons.

My “wow” moment occurred when I first learned to create a video. I did not realize it was so easy! I can see myself using this technology to create my personal videos even outside of the classroom.

Final Thoughts

I now know that my initial nerves for this class at the start of the semester were for naught. I have become extremely comfortable with technology, and look forward to the future implications of my new knowledge. I can share my knowledge with other teachers in my Personal Learning Network, and give a fresh perspective on the situation of technology in the classroom.

I would like to give a sincere Thank You to my instructor in this course, Cammie. She is kind, engaging, knowledgeable, and extremely patient. I know her future students will appreciate these qualities as well.



1 thought on “Final Reflection on EDTS 325”

  1. Thank you for the kind words, Jo. It was a pleasure learning with you this semester. I am confident that if I were to visit your future classroom that there would at be at least some traces of technology.
    Cammie Kannekens


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