Educational Video Tools

In these past two weeks, I have been learning in EDTS 325 (Educational Technologies in the Classroom) about different video tools in educational settings.

My personal favourite is Edpuzzle!edpuzzle

Edpuzzle has many different capabilities:

  • You can trim a video to select only what you need, or to make a lengthy lecture shorter and more succinct.
  • You can add your own voiceover to a whole video if you want to teach a concept in your own words.
  • You can add snippets of audio with audio notes (such as instructions or conclusions).
  • Most importantly, you can add questions throughout the video based on the content the students are watching. This is a unique and useful feature because it keeps students engaged through the whole video, looking for answers to the questions, and is a form of formative assessment.

Edpuzzle is very user-friendly, with a short optional tutorial at every step, and interactive introductions so that you feel confident using the application.

Final Thoughts

This is probably one of the teaching tools that I will use the most, as it is engaging, highly visual, and very easy to use and learn as a teacher. I really like the versatility in how you can use the videos as a lesson by themselves, or as a supplement to a lesson.

If you want to see an example of Edpuzzle, you can check out my video on other planets in our universe HERE.


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